Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow and Gerbils

It is snowing again today. Three times in one winter! Wow. Our elm tree is beautiful with a dusting of fairy feathers.

But the real news is that we have two new little creatures at our house. Mariel and Cornflower got gerbils yesterday! Their names are Leonardo da Vinci and Sasquatch.

I ought to post some pictures, but I have misplaced my rechargeable batteries again. Amazing how those things just walk off.

I am going to try to convince Aravis or Mariel to take their cameras and go outside and take pictures of the elm tree and the sweet scalloped edging of snow on the back fence. I guess snow is old hat to us now, because the girls are not in the least excited about getting out in the cold and playing in it.

Correction-- they are now officially pleased, outside, and playing in it. The neighborhood schools are closed and their friends have come knocking. So we are having a 'friends day'. :D

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