Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Prayer for the School Year

I am a little intimidated by everything we have planned this school year, and am praying for enough self-discipline to get up on time each day and spend awhile with the Lord before the kids get up, and I'm praying that they will get up on time and not be grumpy, and that when they are grumpy and I am running late we will still show our love for one another and for Christ by repenting and forgiving one another.

And I am praying that the Lord will be loud and frequent in His communicating with me about course corrections, and that He will bless me with a spirit that only wants to please Him (and his deputy, Mr. Honey) in administering our homeschool.

And I am praying for a cheerful spirit that greets each day as a new adventure with the Lord and my family, and that we won't get insular and self-focused, and will be able to see and respond to the needs of others.

And when we fail, I am praying that the Lord will convict and then comfort us, and help us to have strong memories of the failure so we remember not to do that again-- without falling into despair, which is so easy to do when you have failed yet again to do what you believe the Lord wants you to do.

And I am praying that we will fly to the Rock that is higher than us, to that Friend of sinners, and that we will cling to the One who came down from Paradise to be our Kinsman-Redeemer, the God-Man-- and that we will joyfully submit to His moulding of us into instruments for His use and glory.

And I am praying that we don't get so distracted by earthly requirements that we forget the reason we are homeschooling, which is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

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