Friday, August 28, 2009

Passion and Distance and Time and Family. And Love.

It's 10:38pm and everyone else is down for the count, and I really should put the pizza away and go to sleep, but I let myself read blogs tonight and really enjoyed it, and now I want to blog some more myself.

I've been staying away from reading news during the week because I find I am less passionate about the personal things that matter to me when I read too much news and commentary, and I don't want to lose that passion just so I can say I know the horrid state of the world.

I've only been reading emails and yahoo group digests, and that after lunch. And allowing myself to skim Facebook once per day. (Okay, twice. But I know these people in real life and like finding out if my cousin's new job is going well or if the son of my friend from high school enjoyed his first day at school. I'm really bad at face-to-face small talk, and even worse at chatting on the phone, and I think FB is helping with that. But I'm not here to blog about FB.)

Now I've gotten distracted by my own tangents and forgot what I wanted to blog about.


I'm going to a family reunion in less than a week, all by myself. Many of the cousins I grew up with will be there. We seem to see each other every few years. I'd like to get together more, but I live way in Texas and they live mostly in California. (I'm the one that moved, but I have to admit I like living in Texas, even though I miss my family. I think my family should move to Texas, I really do. Trust me, it grows on you.)

I wonder what we will talk about. I hope everyone brings lots of memories to tell. I'm running out of good stories for my kids. Every once in awhile on the way home from Wednesday-night church, the kids will beg for childhood stories, and I have told pretty much all I can remember.


And now it is 11:10 and really time to put the pizza away and go to sleep. Time waits for no one.

Don't you ever wonder at that? The relentlessness of time. It just keeps coming-- it gets later and later, no matter your intentions-- no matter how worthy the pursuit, time waits for no one. Wild. I've contemplated it with a timer and it is the same. Unyielding. Whether Internetish dilly-dallying or rushing to see a sick friend-- nothing can delay the juggernaut of time. It rolls over everyone.

11:16. See?

Reminds me of a Wendell Berry quote I saw on a blog once. I have never read a Wendell Berry book, but I dearly hope to one day. I liked this quote without even seeing it in context. It seems to capture the supernal quality of love:

Love, sooner or later, forces us out of time. It does not accept that limit. Of all that we feel and do, all the virtues and all the sins, love alone crowds us at last over the edge of the world. For love is always more than a little strange here. We do not make it. If it did not happen to us, we could not imagine it... It is in the world, but is not altogether of it. It is of eternity. It takes us there when it most holds us here.

11:26. Enough. I must get to bed. We are finite beings, we fallen creatures. Time limits us, our physical bodies limit us, our lack of riches limits us. We live within strict limits, whether we accept it or not.

Except, perhaps, in love? And what does that mean, exactly?


Javamom said...

Love and the things that happend in, through, and because of love are God moments...kairos moments as it were, insteado of time marked by the choronological marching on of the sun and the moon...chronos time.

I love this topic, as it has been one foundation in my life to help keep me from over-doing, over-scheduling, over-achieving...purposefully building in lots of space in our home and life for kairos moments to happen.

With the Lord's guidance, it has been very good for us, even when I fall short or even fail...His guidance always strives to keeps me focused and centered on His will for our family and life.
I hope that doesn't sound too 'pie-in-the-sky!'

Katie said...

Here's an article that seems to be talking about the same "kairos" time:

Is this what you mean?

Javamom said...

pretty much. I first read the concept/definition and different between the two in one of my favorite non-fiction books of all time: A Place Called Simplicity by Claire Cloninger, published in 1993.