Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Writer Workshop: Freewrites

Today we focused on freewriting. First I had the kids take ten minutes to list things they felt they knew a lot about. Mariel mainly listed people (real and imaginary), while Triss listed specifics such as "how frustrating it is to have been born in different century than the one you wish you had been born in" and "The miracle that is a blade of grass". Cornflower, who wanted to get in on the action today, listed a wide variety of things, including school subjects, which her sisters studiously avoided listing.

After sharing their lists, I had Triss and Mariel select one thing to write on for fifteen minutes. Mariel wrote a sweet freewrite about her best friend and Triss wrote that she would have preferred living in the Middle Ages, with an entertaining tangent discussing what exactly the person meant who said, "The pen is mightier than the sword."

Cornflower also did the Keen Observation exercise since she didn't work with us yesterday. She described a plastic canoe from a Cowboys and Indians set Mariel bought in San Antonio.

Last of all, we read everything aloud and offered comments. I made the rule that if anyone had a criticism of her sister's work, it must be sandwiched between two compliments, and in that way we were able to discuss without hurt feelings.

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