Thursday, June 04, 2009

25 Things I Did This Week

1. Packed and unpacked

2. Practiced piano

3. Talked (and talked and talked) with a good friend

4. Got to know one of my newest cousins

5. Got to spend a day with cousins I haven't seen in almost seven years

6. Swam in the Guadalupe River (purely unintentional and incredibly fun)

7. Laughed at noisy gibbons

8. Read about how to be a better wife

9. Tore my pants on a choo-choo train

10. Worried about one of the bills that passed the Texas legislature

11. Read President Obama's Egypt speech

12. Ate twice at McDonald's

13. Realized I have no clue why I ordered the history book that came in the mail today (Update: I just figured it out-- David Hicks, who wrote Norms and Nobility, recommended it. I currently have a thing for history books. I am trying to figure out how they ought to be arranged, I think. Actually, I don't know why. But for some reason I have a desire to own all the good history spines I can find. I like to compare them.)

14. Coached the children on their monologues

15. Admired a way cool fort

16. Told stories to a six-year-old (and an eight-year-old, but that happens pretty often)

17. Watched "Phantom of the Opera" (the movie)

18. Learned about some new books (well, new to me)

19. Went to church twice, but not in the same place

20. Critiqued clothing and hairstyles

21. Observed a raccoon, a few deer, and a phoebe couple

22. Entertained my husband with witty and learned remarks on basketball, hee hee (Why are they called the Los Angeles Lakers anyway, huh? huh? LA isn't known for its lakes...)

23. Gave my advice on a cookbook

24. Listened to the working-out of writing ideas

25. Thought of a great thing to do while my grandparents are in town

So, I guess you could say I packed, practiced, talked, swam, laughed, worried, read, ate, coached, admired, told, watched, learned, critiqued, listened and thought this week. Lol.

("25 Things" idea taken from Cindy's post.)

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