Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Writer Workshop: Dragons and Hobbits

Today the kids did freewrites on different kinds of evenings, and then went to work on their dragon/hobbit compositions. (I let Cornflower play in her room while we worked.) Triss is about finished with her dragon composition. She is going to write the final draft tomorrow, and then post it to her blog.

Mariel continued to add material to her composition on hobbits. I think it will turn out to be a general paper of information and anecdotes. I am going to have her write subtitles for each paragraph tomorrow, and see if we can narrow things down a bit. The part she added today was written in the person of a hobbit girl, so we also need to figure out if she wants to write the whole thing as a hobbit or as herself. :O)

I thought they would be tired of working on the same papers-- after all, it's been over a week since they began these. But they went to work with a will this morning. After the workshop, Triss did ask whether I ever wrote so much on a subject that I was ready to just give it a rest for awhile, and I told her I knew the feeling!

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