Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strawberry Picking

"As the strawberry ripens, the petals and stamens wither and fall away; the green calyx remains as the hull... holds in its cup the pyramid of pistils which swell and ripen up into the juicy fruit." (Comstock, p. 609)

"First the flower blooms, then it dies and the strawberry starts to grow." --Cornflower

Various Stages

We were blessed to go to a pick-your-own farm this afternoon.


There were loads of ripe strawberries.

The girls picked sixteen pounds' worth in less than half an hour! I walked around taking pictures until I realized I'd better call a halt to the picking in defense of my pocketbook.

Another Tasty Morsel

Love the Hat

Ever the romantic, Mariel wore her Easter bonnet-- but the wind would not cooperate for more than a few minutes.

Strawberry Girl

My strawberry girls.


JLW said...

I wish we could have gone wih you! Love and miss you!

Katie said...

The boys would have loved it. We are missing you so much!

athenainaminivan said...

Love the pics, I want to go pic some berrys, is it near by?

Glad to see you back!!! I missed reading your posts.

Katie said...

It is nearby, but they don't have a website. I tried to email you, but the email came back. I have a new computer and my daughter has hidden my email addresses somewhere on it. (I am using a new email program as well, and we couldn't transfer the addresses for some reason.) I will ask her to help me find your email and send you the info.

Thank you for the kind comment!

Anonymous said...

I love the t-shirts.

Katie said...

Thank you! Our local CM book club had them made up after getting permission to use the design.