Saturday, April 26, 2008

Enjoying Technology

Yes, I'm back. It was the coreopsis that did it. I cannot resist decorating the blog with the beauty God sends my way.

My birthday was on the eleventh of this month, and I received a coreopsis, a new kitchen faucet and.... a laptop computer!!!

Such fun!

We also got a new camera recently-- Mr. Honey won it at a convention. It is much nicer than our old one.

I do not know a whole lot about electronics or computers, so Mr. Honey and Triss are helping me along. They have hidden whole passels of information on my new laptop, which has significantly more memory than my old dinosaur. It is going to take me awhile to find everything.

Anyway, I know I kinda snuck back, but it seemed more important to show pictures first and visit later. I don't know how much posting I will do-- the kids and I have had some great conversations lately, and I think I had been neglecting that a little because of the blog-- but I do expect that with summer at hand, and a laptop to make it convenient, I will be able to post to the blog without sacrificing family time.

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athenainaminivan said...

the laptop I got for Christmas made it much easier to blog and get off than when I had to fire up the old desk top. I can even blog from bed late at night.