Saturday, April 26, 2008

Random Things

Athena has wasted no time welcoming me back with a meme.

I am to tell three random things about me.

1. I tend to think too much. (Is there such a thing?) For instance, when I decided to play this game, my first thought was to look up the definition of "random" to make sure I did it right. :o) (random: having no specific pattern, purpose or objective.)

2. My favorite part of "Trick my Truck" is the beginning, when the deserving trucker comes to the realization that they are going to fix up his truck. (Mr. Honey's favorite part is the end when the guy gets to see how it looks.)

3. I feel most comfy when I have on Keds and a cardigan. It must be all that Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood I watched as a kid. I always liked how he drew the line between his public life and his home life by changing his shoes. Sometimes I wear my fuzzy slippers instead of sneakers. My feet like to be covered.

Now I have to tag people. I tag Barb, Javamom, Lindafay, Raora and Senora Smith.

And I tag you. Let me know if you play!

1 comment:

SeƱora Smith said...

I played, Katie! It's on my blog.
Love the intense height, by the way!