Saturday, March 01, 2008

Trip to Kenya

Very soon my Dad will be leaving on a trip to Kenya. An excerpt from his email on the subject:

Thankfully, last Thursday the opposing political parties in Kenya reached an agreement for power sharing. I received an email from [one of the Kenyan brethren] indicating the great relief and joy the people of Kenya have for the agreement. Hopefully this will end the violence and the wounds it caused can begin to heal.

They will be meeting every day with a group of men who may be called to preach the gospel, using their mornings for studying and their afternoons for church services with some of the various fellowships that have sprung up there. Their evenings will be spent in more fellowship and Bible discussion. (Don't you wish you were going? What a wonderful way to spend your days!)

He and another minister will be there two Sundays. They have received permission to hold their Sunday services in the city center, and expect a great turnout. The town they are visiting is temporarily home to quite a few of the refugees that have fled the violence in other areas, and the people he is meeting with are involved in relief efforts.

[One of the Kenyan brethren] has also arranged for us to visit one of the refugee camps to share the gospel with people who lost their homes during the post-election violence. This is particularly exciting since with the power sharing agreement many of these people will be able to return to their communities soon and hopefully, carry the truth of the doctrines of grace with them.

We hope that you will join us in praying that their trip is safe and edifying, and that you will pray for my family while my Dad is gone. We cannot keep from being somewhat anxious in an earthly way for his safety, but are so excited that he is being used by the Lord in this way.

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