Monday, March 10, 2008

Special Guest: Nature Blogger

We saw a house finch and his wife in our elm tree today! I invited Cornflower to be guest blogger and tell about it:

Well, the man bird has a red neck and the girl bird is some sort of grayish. We thought that they were going to go to the nest that we had in our tree in the front, but they didn't. When I walked a little closer to see them better, they flew away to another tree next door (with lots of bees). I asked, "Do you think they'll take htat nest that we have in the tree?"

Mommy said, "No, they need a bigger tree."

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Lori Carr said...

We were very blessed a couple of years ago to have a pair of house finches make a nest on our porch. They actually made the nest in a reef on our door but we were able to move the reef to the side of the door without disturbing them. We had 5 little finches that we got to see hatch and fly away. They came back the next year but the eggs didn't hatch that year. Still not sure why. We were all sad:(