Friday, February 29, 2008

A Birthday, Goggy-style

Tonight we celebrated my Dad's birthday-- and when Goggy has a birthday, his granddaughters get the party!

This year was no exception. He decided to celebrate at the local pizza-and-games emporium, and made sure to bring the girls some chocolate. They ate pizza and had slushies and did bumper cars and merry-go-rounds and carnival games and even drove a simulated eighteen wheeler.

There was a lady doing face painting.

Face Painting

Each girl chose her own style.


We gave him the mugs we had painted.

Sunflower Mug

Colorful Mug

Thumper Mug

Willow Mug


They will never forget that their Goggy always gave them the party on his birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Goggy said this was the best birthday ever!! He loves the cups and we bought a mug tree to hang these beautiful cups on. Saturday we used two of the cups and Sunday we used the other two cups. Lovely!! You girls looked wonderful with your faces painted. Love Grammy