Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Red Roses Mean Love Triumphant*

Fifteen Years Ago

Fifteen years ago today, in beautiful Niles Canyon, Mr. Honey and I got married.

We were given lovely gifts by the children this morning: a large rock, beautifully painted by Mariel, which will be good for stopping the door to Mr. Honey's office; a little tissue holder from Cornflower, ideal for me since I still have sniffles-- she gave Mr. Honey two little painted gingerbread people which now have a place of honor on the bookcase; and a Triss original manuscript entitled "The Hidden Valley" from Triss.

What we really have here is a large case of family love. I think something very good was started fifteen years ago.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Honey! I would be missing so much if I hadn't married you.

Your Honey

*Triss' card reminded us of this.


Javamom said...

Congratulations on 15 beautiful years! Happy Anniversary.



Mama Squirrel said...

Many congratulations!