Saturday, August 04, 2007

Art Gallery

Some precious things I found as I went through school papers (please forgive my poor photography skills):

The Fighting Temeraire

The Fighting Temeraire, by Mariel, inspired by the famous painting . It is much more vivid in reality. She used yellow, orange, red, green and blue to imitate Turner's sunset.


Bird by Cornflower

A Mockingbird, by Cornflower.


A Mysterious Lady by Cornflower

Another view of the Mona Lisa, by Cornflower.


A Free and Colorful Girl by a young friend

This is one of my favorite child-pictures. It was drawn by a young friend of ours (age 6) while she visited in our home. My favorite part is the way her colorful hair swings. You can't tell so much in the photo, but she has such a pleasantly impish face.


Modern Art (or Postmodern, I guess)

And this is a study in color, by Cornflower. She was experimenting with combining colors (see the red-and-white-make-pink?) and also using every color on her palette to fill up the page.

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