Monday, August 06, 2007


How much do you suppose visual and auditory advertising, television, radio, internet, telemarketing, etc., contribute to problems with attention in this country?

When I went away to college I remember being overwhelmed by all the billboards on the freeways in L.A. (Oh my goodness, you should see them-- they overlap one another.) In a world like this, we are bombarded with messages and we have to decide what must be processed and what can be tossed like so much media garbage.

It is difficult to strike a balance between needful information, and the extraneous.


Anonymous said...

One way to decide between important messages and those that are unimportant is to sort it based on what I need to know in order to better serve God. If the information will help in some way to glorify God thru our witness, then it is important. If not, then it is not.

G.L.H. said...

Through the years, I have seen tv programs change the Camera Angle more and more quickly. Nowadays they do it every few seconds, I think!


Mother Auma said...

Dad, you're right. I keep coming up against my reasoning ability, which is determined to justify what I *want* to do rather than what I *ought* to do. More study and prayer is needed to combat this, I think.

Barbara, I have noticed that too.