Sunday, September 10, 2006


A friend gave us a copy of _Homeschool Family Fitness_ by Bruce Whitney, Ph.D., a few weeks ago, which I greatly appreciate because we have relied on the recreation department for P.E. thus far, and this year it does not look like we will take any classes. I am impressed with this curriculum. It is easy for a non-P.E. person to follow, and includes a lot of information, including labs and worksheets you can print out for the kids.

We began our lessons in this book a couple of weeks ago. There was a test at the beginning, in which, among other things, we were to do as many push-ups as we could, up to ten. I am very out of shape. I could not even do one push-up.

But this week I did eight! We have attempted push-ups every day for two weeks and now I can do them. Not so my chin touches the floor, but I am using my arms and nothing else to push myself up.

Mariel could do ten right off-- ten boy push-ups. The rest of us have done the tamer girl push-ups. Maybe in a few weeks we will be able to do the boy push-ups too.

Every midmorning we do our exercises-- roll ups, push ups, kangaroo jumps and flying; and then we move on to the game or exercise of the week. Last week was soccer. The older girls have played soccer before, so we had a lot of fun stealing the ball away from each other. The week before that we did walking, running and jumping exercises. I never realized there were so many different ways to walk, run and jump.

I've got to go now and buy some 3/8 " sash rope for our P.E. class tomorrow. This week it's jumping rope. Fun!

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Krakovianka said...

That's a cool idea! Hope you're having fun!

I also stopped by to let you know that an experienced tatter left a note for you (about left-handed tatting) under the tatting post on my blog. (Which, come to think of it, is still the most recent post!)

I just learned to tat this past December because I HAD to be able to make the gorgeous lace I saw. Not that I have time to actually make it, but now I could. :-)