Friday, September 08, 2006

Five Things

Javamom posted this meme on her blog. I did indeed learn a few things about her and her family. I have not been full of posts lately, so I decided to participate with her.

5 things in my freezer:

1. Fruit for smoothies

2. Lots. Of. Pollock. (Thanks, Kristie! I managed to get them detached and into meal-sized portions.

3. Triss' laptop battery

4. Plastic blue ice containers for Mr. Honey's lunches

5. Preground Columbian coffee and Bolivian coffee beans

5 things in my closet:

1. Clothes that are organized, yay! (this was a project a couple of weeks ago)

2. Mr. Honey's desk and at-home work area (he cleverly fixed up a desk using a door he got at the home improvement store)

3. My hoopskirt

4. All of our sheets and pillowcases

5. Boxes of pictures dating from1994 to the present (a scrapbooker I'm not)

5 things in my car:

1. a boxed set of cheesy Landoll fairy tale picture books (5yo Cornflower loves these and is very attached to them. She bought them with her own money at a garage sale. I have been wanting to sneak them out for months, but my conscience is holding me back. A little twaddle never hurt anyone.)

2. Bags of stuff I need to take to the resale shop

3. Our American Angels CD

4. A set of tape recordings of sermons we heard at the last church meeting we attended

5. Cornflower's pink straw purse

5 things in my purse:

1. My keys

2. My Dave Ramsey envelope system

3. A coupon for bruschetta

4. A grocery list

5. Three lipsticks, the girls' lipgloss/perfume combination stick and a plethora of writing instruments. No wonder I can't ever find a pencil in our house!

5 things in my wallet:

1. Eleven grocery store reward cards (egads.)

2. Eight library cards to four different libraries

3. Three teacher discount cards (Barnes and Noble, Half-Price Books and an old homeschool co-op id card)

4. An expired membership card to the Heard Museum

5. A current membership card to the Dallas Zoo

Five things on my computer desk:

1. A Happy Anniversary card from my grandparents

2. My pitchpipe

3. a book of stamps (Crops of the Americas)

4. _The Kid Who Named Pluto and the Stories of Other Extraordinary Young People in Science_ by Marc McCutcheon

5. Part One of the Orion's Gate "Pilgrim's Progress" audio CDs

People I tag:

I'll follow my friend's lead on this. Participate if you want to. It was fun and diverted my attention awhile from various serious news topics I was pondering ad infinitum. (Sometimes I just think too much.)

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