Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Romans 8:35-39

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The key phrase and word in this text are "As it is written" and "Nay." Paul is quoting David from Psalms 44:22. In great peril and at a very low point, David questioned whether God really cared for him and would provide deliverance. It signifies his despair in the hardship and fear of grave danger and uncertainlty. In Roman 8 Paul refutes the notion that peril and even death signifiy God does not care about what terrible things His children experience by asserting their eternal preservation by the blood of Christ. It points forward to certain victory by pointing back to Calvary where Christ was victorious on our behalf. The message is clear: With victory both at hand and ahead, the plight of the Christian is essentially optimistic. This is so because our loving and all-powerful God made certain we will dwell with Him in eternity, so nothing is able to separate us from Him.