Friday, June 08, 2012


I am sitting in Aravis' room while she sorts through much stuff.  All three girls have been taken with the organizing and decorating bug.  We painted Mariel's room last weekend (below) and will paint Cornflower's room tomorrow.  We found their colors on the Oops paint shelf.  (Repainting a room for $5, I like that!)

A friend said the color reminded her of the blue medieval folks painted on walls and ceilings to simulate the sky.
I like the way Mariel's art pops out of the blue walls.

Cornflower has a pretty pink for two walls, and wants a fresh pale green for the other two.  Aravis has not found any paint on the Oops shelf.  She wants her room to be shabby chic and it holding out for a color called Jasmine Flower.

I'm enjoying their artistry as they work with what they have to create new beauty.  :)

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