Sunday, April 08, 2012

What did the English Civil War and the French Revolution have in common?

A narration by Mariel from The New World:

The English Rebellion of the 1600's and the French Rebellion of the 1700's are very similar. Battles, failed flights from the country, imprisoned royalty, decapitated monarches, a new tyrant who is in charge of the 'Republic', even the son of the dead monarch becoming king after the Republic failed. The same things happened. The kings were imprisoned and killed for treason and stupidity. Only Louis XVI did not have the courtesy of a trial. England, and the new Republic are headed for ruin. Cromwell will be Lord Protector. But what is a Lord Protector? I have heard that term so many times that it has lost the meaning. The internet defines it as the head of the Commonwealth of England, Ireland and Scotland. Watch out, UK! You've killed a tyrant—and invited another one in. The sad thing is is that Cromwell is so convinced that he is doing the right thing. You know what? Charles thought he was doing the right thing also, and look where he is. Barely cold in his grave. Look out, Cromwell. Soon Charles II will hide in an oak.

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