Sunday, April 15, 2012

Narration: Bacon's Essay, "Of Studies"

By Mariel

Books are a gift; when you study books are using that gift; so if you love to study books and ponder them in your heart, you love to use this wonderful gift. Study is a delightful thing to do. When you are bored on long car trips and everyone is being very loud, you can take out your history and literature tomes and say, “SHH! I’m studying!” and the car will instantly become quiet.  It causes you to have something to say when you are in a group discussion of Churchill’s The English-Speaking People. But just remember, you are a true scholar when you can be like this man:

Once there was a man who loved to study. He had a wife with a huge social life who loved her husband, but quite frankly, didn’t think that her husband would ever amount to anything. He was so quiet!

One night when they came back from a fancy formal dinner party, the wife started berating her husband. 

“When we were talking about drills, you didn’t say a word! You know tons about drills! Why didn’t you speak up!?”

The husband answered quietly, “I already know what I know, but by keeping quiet, I can learn what others know too.”

You don’t learn to show off, you don’t learn to make money, you learn to glorify God.

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