Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Term 2 Exams: The Holy War

This is Little La's narration of The Holy War by John Bunyan.  This is the episode after the surrender of Mansoul in which the townspeople petition Emmanuel three times:

Well, first they tried coaxing him and sweet talking, “O, powerful one! We look back and see our sinful ways!” Secondly, they tried guilt-tripping themselves. “We know our worthless place, O great Son!” Thirdly, they sent 3 this time with ropes about their necks for when they were to die. They honestly poured out their hearts. Emmanuel was crying! He dressed them richly and went to Mansoul. Emmanuel went to his palace and everyone rejoiced!

And this is Mariel's:

The People of Mansoul have surrendered. After living in suspense for a little while, they sent some messengers to Prince Emmanuel and beg for their lives. The first messengers went to the Prince and bowed very, very low.  “Please, O Mighty Prince,” they said, “Please have mercy on us and the rest of the miserable wretches in the unfortunate Town of Mansoul!”
But although the Prince treated them with kindness, he told them to go back. The messengers were filled with fear and trembling. They went back and said, “The Prince will not have mercy! O lackaday! Lack a couple of days!”
Everybody moaned for a while, but soon, they decided to send new messengers.  They came back with the same experience. But when they told everyone, someone said that this horrible news needed to go to the Mayor, My Lord Will-be-will and the Recorder.
They told these three men of the trials that the messengers had gone through. Then one wise old man shook his head and said, “We must send these important men-the Mayor, Will-be-will and the Recorder- to the Prince, in sackcloth and ashes, and they must beg for the lives of the people in the wretched town of Mansoul.”
 So they went to the Prince, clothed in sackcloth and ashes, with ropes about their necks.  They threw themselves at His feet and said, “O Lord and Prince Emmanuel, we were led astray! We know that You are in the right, and we know also that if it is Your Will, we will die for the sins we have committed.
“But we entreat You, we beseech and implore You, to have compassion and mercy on us. We are but insignificant worms, not worthy to lick the dust off of your feet. Please have mercy on us, the sinners.”
The Prince turned and smiled, and at that smile, the prisoners knew that they were to live. The Prince washed their feet, removed the sackcloth, ashes and the rope, clothing them in magnificent velvets, silks, brocade and feathers. The Prince gave them a flag and told them to go back to Mansoul.
SLOW-MOTION MOMENT: Picture this scene in a movie. Three men, in brilliant arrays, come running over a hill, a glorious flag streaming in the wind. They are shouting, “We are SAVED!! We are SAVED!!
This is what we need to do every day. Wake up and say, “I am SAVED.”

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