Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LTW Journal

We started Lost Tools of Writing yesterday. I want to keep a journal of how things go with this program-- I have such high hopes for it. My plan is to post twice per week.

Aravis (16) and Mariel (13) will be doing the program, but not Cornflower. I may casually incorporate some ideas into her composition instruction, but she won't be in the full-blown program.

Yesterday was our first day. I listened to the instruction CDs during a cross-country trip we took a couple of weeks ago, so the kids (especially Aravis) had some taste of it already. As a result, we whizzed through the introductory lesson (supposed to take two class periods) and got into the first day of Lesson 1. I had done ANI charts with the kids before, but didn't fully understand all the ins and outs, so some portions were new to us. We decided to deal with the issue of whether Boromir should have tried to take the Ring from Frodo.

We thought it would be difficult to come up with affirmatives, but it was actually harder to find negatives! Even though we all instinctively take the negative side of the issue, as we reasoned it through, we discovered how easy it must have been for him to convince himself he was doing the right thing. Wow.

Now they have their own ANIs to make for Thursday. More to come!

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