Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Integrity in the Use of Time*

"It is a bad thing to think that time is our own to do what we like with."
--Charlotte Mason

Why is it that when we have important things to do, we often have the urge to fix a minor aggravation instead? Last night's local storms upset my plan to pay the bills (I watched Twitter and FB and the news and weather instead), so I absolutely need to deal with bills this morning. But I want to fix my recipe binder, which is simply in chaos. (It's been that way for years. It won't hurt for it to sit one more morning.)

Yesterday it was the Tupperware cabinet. I was supposed to be making phone calls regarding home repairs and hair cuts and the piano recital location. My sister-in-law jokingly said, "Ah, the modern variation of the sock-drawer motif! I know it well..." By the grace of God I put my head down and just plowed through those calls, ignoring the cabinet.

Tomorrow it will probably be the school supplies closet. As the school-year structure falls away, my faults rise up to meet me, pointing out household piles of disorganized stuff with their niggling fingers. But I'm fighting to maintain focus. I will do the big things, Lord help me, and fit the little things into five minutes here, fifteen minutes there. Now to get off the blog and on to the bills.

*Title taken from CM Volume 4 page 173.

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