Thursday, April 14, 2011


Several years ago-- probably around six years ago, but it feels like a lifetime-- I went through a spell of reading learning-style books. I liked those books. They helped me look at the kids as their own persons rather than as little extensions of the Warrior Poet and me. Also, like a med student that examines himself for every disease he studies, I discovered that I had 'symptoms' of almost every disposition and talent listed.

I recovered from most of them. Haha. But I did discover a tendency within myself that I had never before understood as a talent. One day, as we sat discussing how to identify spiritual gifts, I told a friend about it.

"I've been reading this book called, Discover Your Child's Learning Style, that has a long list of talents to look for in your kids. There are a whole bunch listed, but two I found interesting were "Interpersonal-Others" and "Interpersonal-Self". The 'self' talent is understanding what you are thinking, how you tick, etc. I think that is one of my talents."

"Oh... so you're self-centered?"

I love my friends. They keep me grounded.

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