Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Thoughts

We saw rain lilies today, and wild onion flowers.

Mr. Honey was in Oklahoma yesterday and most of today, but he is home now. We are in our easy chairs next to each other looking at our laptops.

Clint Eastwood is on the TV. Do people eat pasta in spaghetti westerns?

Aravis came home today. She had a very big day of rehearsals after she got off the plane.

She brought home chocolate and tea.

It is supposed to snow tomorrow. We are going to Javamom's daughter's wedding.

(Except Aravis, she has to rehearse some more.)

I get to wear my swishy skirt.

Cornflower has decided she loves nature, and has been drawing lots of nature pictures in her journal. My favorite is called, "The Ways of a Rabbit".

She was so excited to see her sister that she couldn't stop talking and teasing until we made her go to bed.

We are baking cookies next week for our church meeting. We think we will make a batch every day. I'm planning to make sugar-free peanut butter cookies for Goggy.

Ya'll come to our church meeting. It's sure to be an uplifting time, Lord willing.

I'm reading the memoirs of Louis L'Amour. That man really loved books.

Mariel got a new desk from Ikea this week. She and I put it together without man-help (or Aravis-help). She is getting good at reading directions and wielding a drill.

Mr. Honey and I are currently watching all the back episodes of "Chuck" in the late evenings. Yes, I know. We just got hooked. Some parts are not nice. But 1) I really like Chuck and Sarah, 2) the idea of someone having an entire juxtaposition of computers inside his head and the way that interacts with his emotions and internal principles is fascinating, 3) the struggle the agents have between the good of the country (and obedience to the people in command) versus the good of the individual is also fascinating, and scary to boot, and 4) I just know Casey has a heart. That is why I like watching Chuck. Also, I think Chuck and Sarah should quit the spy business and go live in some suburb, although NOT the scary Stepford-Fulcrum subdivision. That would pretty much end the show, I guess.

I'd like to watch Chuck right now, but the spaghetti western ended, and Mr. Honey is watching some kind of sport-thing. It's March Madness. I do not find it as interesting as Chuck.

Also, Mr. Honey will no longer be known as Mr. Honey. From now on, he will be called The Poet Warrior, with all the attendant honor that implies. Mr. Honey, as a name, was just not adequate. If you must, you may refer to him as The Warrior Poet Formerly Known as Mr. Honey.

I sure love him. :D

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G.L.H. said...

I like both of his names! But Poet Warrior is definitely more descriptive...