Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where Are We?

We have been sucked into the science-theater-music-math-laundry-lunches-life vortex. Instruments, 3x5 cards and socks are swirling around in here. Seconds fly by. I can either use the calm moments to hug folks and wash dishes, or I can blog.

My choice is... hugs and dishes. :D I'll return to posting sometime. Perhaps soon.

P.S. We came to the end of the pantry this past Tuesday and I have started back to regular meal planning. We still have some extra grains to work through, but everything else was gone. It was kind of pitiful. I spent almost $200 restocking. I restocked with good stuff, though, and no sugar or white flour. Except I got cake mix for a happy cake when the book club came to my house on Monday, and another for a birthday cake for my mom tonight. And cookie dough for Science Night and for dessert at church tomorrow. I guess I'm not doing as well on no-sugar as I thought. Sheesh.

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