Thursday, January 07, 2010

Dinner Plans

Tonight we had navy bean and ham soup, salad and cornbread, and puddle cake for a treat. Tomorrow night we feast on Omaha Steaks beef tips, baked potatoes and green beans. (Yum!) The menu for the weekend and into next week include turkey hot dogs, more ham (that'll be the last of it), pasta with feta and tomatoes, chicken/broccoli/rice casserole, and semolina-crust pizza.

We ran out of natural sweeteners last week, so I have been using Splenda when I need to sweeten something. (My dad cannot eat natural sweeteners, but Splenda is okay, so I purchased a bag in December with which to make Christmas goodies. I think I might keep it on hand from now on.)

I went to the store on Wednesday, and purchased produce; bread; milk, eggs and cheese; turkey hot dogs; and frozen veggies. The only organics I purchased were carrots, bananas and romaine lettuce, since the prices of those items are so close to conventional. I spent just under $50.

I did not purchase peanut butter because this month I wanted us to eat out of our pantry as much as possible, but after one day I am already neglecting regretting it. A couple of us (I) have problems with low blood sugar, and apparently we (I) depend on peanut butter as a regulator more than I realized. But we have roasted almonds to snack on.

And I just want to ask for prayer for Mr. Honey-- he decided to give up smokeless tobacco cold-turkey, and is being a soldier through it, but it is hard. He is almost to the one-week mark. Go, Mr. Honey!

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