Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sketch Tuesday

Barb at Harmony Fine Arts gives a weekly sketch assignment and invites students of all ages and skill levels to submit their drawings each week to be included in a Flickr slideshow.

My two older kids had a few months of drawing instruction a couple of years ago, but nothing since, and I am not good at teaching them art. The Sketch Tuesday assignment allows them to at least practice the skill of seeing lines and curves with an artist's eye and to use their pencils to produce something similar to what they see, although we haven't been blessed with another opportunity for lessons.

The kids enjoy doing the assignment each week, and we all like looking at the slideshow-- each student brings different ideas and skills to his or her sketch. You should try it!
Last week's assignment was to sketch a picture with clouds. Here are my three girls' efforts:

Mariel sketched a mountain in the East, and filled it in with watercolors.

Cornflower drew a painted bunting and a beautiful autumn sky.

Aravis went the fantasy route, drawing her vision of clouds above a wicked witch's tower.

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