Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a Note say we're still here, and did you know that an implied noun is called an ellipsis? I always forget that. Ellipses are those dot-dot-dots you put when you don't want to quote an entire passage, but there is something in the middle there that you would like to put in, and then skip a few words, and then insert the rest of the this...isn't it fun? Well, okay, it's kind of annoying. But sometimes I like to use them because I want others to focus on the part of the sentence or passage that stood out to me so I can feel that I am communicating effectively.

So...those three dots form an ellipsis.

And so does the implied "you" in this sentence: Do the dishes.

As in "You, do the dishes."

It is five minutes before six and I really should start supper, which is a lovely baked tilapia with cornbread and sliced tomatoes. But Mr. Honey is not home yet, and it finally stopped raining, and the two younger kids are roller skating outside, shouting and laughing. They need lots of outdoor time with yelling and running and jumping. I'd like to get them a trampoline and a swing. I should roll them up in blankets tonight. We call that tight rolling a green bean tuck, and the kids love it.

Aravis (formerly known as Triss) went out with her Grammy tonight, and they are having High Times, I'm sure. Grammy knows how to do things up right.

So here I sit, alone in the house for a moment.


Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

Thanks for the information. I often omit a noun or pronoun from the beginning of my sentences ("Love your blog.") and am happy to know what that is called.

Katie said...

You're welcome!