Sunday, May 10, 2009


When I was growing up, my grandmother called deep-felt and poignant words "tear-jerkers". I looked at a few of those this morning, searching for something I could post to encourage the moms in my life, and quickly teared up.

All of us moms need encouragement. I once read that being a mom is like having your heart walk around outside of your body, and I firmly believe it. I didn't realize that I had signed up for heartwrenching joy and sorrow when I began having kids, but I realize it now. (The really crazy part is that I wouldn't willingly give it up.)

Being a mom forced me to understand how little control I have. It took at least ten years of mothering for me to realize I couldn't control these sweet angels, much as I tried. They are good girls who listen to their mama, but they have minds of their own, as well as their own line to the Holy Spirit, Who works in them without consulting me first. And you know, it's better that way, although in my darker moments I think it isn't. He knows the future-- and He knows their hearts in a way that I don't. Much as that frustrates me at times.

I have known more than one mothering lady in my life so far, and continue to learn much from the women who sacrifice themselves tirelessly on behalf of all the thoughtless young things around them (myself included). Until I became a mother, I didn't realize how self-sacrificing my mom was. We have somewhat different personalities, but despite that, I honestly don't know how she held her tongue and simply loved me when I said hurtful things to her. Amazing love.

If you have a mother, most likely she has gladly given something up for you. Right or wrong as her behavior or thoughts toward you have been, she has had her heart walking around outside her body all your life. (How would you handle that?) Just make sure to tell her thank-you today.

And mommies... I think it is our job to realize they don't get the 'heart walking around outside the body' thing. How can they unless they have experienced it? So when you get little or no thanks for the beautiful sacrifices you make, or worse yet, when your sacrifices are met with scorn or bitterness, forgive them. They do not understand, and are fighting for their own thoughts, their own way. (You don't have to give it to them. But we do need to understand that often children behave like that because they think they are Right. Even when they aren't.)

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Dear Sweet Katie,
I love you.