Wednesday, February 04, 2009

CM's Student Motto: Our Revamped Version

Triss, Mariel and I were being silly at dinnertime, and this is what we came up with:

I AM a reader of books, a teller of tales and adventures. I am a Person of the Riverbank because Ratty influenced me.

I CAN get out of bed in the morning and not pull the covers over and say, "very snug", because that is no way to run a retail business.

I OUGHT to do my duty to remember the suspenders, to quell my desire to say "HUMPH", to call on the Cake-Parsee, and to keep myself from blowing bubbles in the sand pit, so my mind is ready to imagine.

I WILL resolve to avoid the Sheriff of Nottingham, and learn what fear is, even if it's not what I want.

Who will list the literature references for us?

(The original-- and highly recommended-- CM's Student Motto can be found here. We take the original Motto much to heart, but we couldn't help having a bit of fun with it as well.)


lindafay said...

Very creative. Let's see, I think I see Sherlock Holmes (not sure about that one) Wind in the Willows,Wizard of Oz, Just So Stories, Robin Hood and a fairy tale from Grimms. How did I do?

Johanna in NZ said...

I'm guessing Wind in the Willows, Beatrix Potter, Just So Stories, and Robin Hood.

Your kids sound like a lot of fun. Hooray for CM!

Katie said...

Great job, ladies!

It is Wind in the Willows, Beatrix Potter (I can't remember the story), Just So Stories, Robin Hood, and the Blue Fairy Book (The Tale of a Youth Who Set Out to Learn What Fear Was).

Thanks for guessing!