Friday, January 25, 2008

Natural History

Cornflower's Science Display

Cornflower's science display.

(Our very live rabbit, Thumper, is the second bunny from the left.)


JacciM said...

We've been thinking about getting a bunny for about 3 months now, but we haven't mentioned it to the girls. Ours would have to be an *inside* bunny and I'm a little paranoid about the uriney smell. Is Thumper an inside bunny? Does the room he stays in have a funny smell? Rather personal questions for the blogosphere, I know, but maybe I'm imagining things worse than they would actually be. After all, Beatrix Potter had bunnies in her bedroom :)

Glad to see your on a roll w/ posting :)


Katie said...

She is an indoor/outdoor bunny. We don't like her to be outside when it gets below 50 degrees because she doesn't have a warm burrow to hide in, so my daughter has started keeping her in her bedroom at night, or when it is really cold.

If you are diligent about cleaning the cage, there isn't a urine smell, but sometimes there is a *bunny* smell.

We don't let her roam the house because she insisted on chewing baseboards (and plants, and blankets, and papers).

I keep saying we ought to give her away, but when someone offers to take her, I just can't. We all love her so much. She really is so sweet, and lets the kids carry her around and pet her and feed her from their hands. And sometimes she gets extra happy and leaps and frolics and romps across the grass, and it is really a sight-- something out of a fairy tale book! So, despite struggles, we are very happy with our rabbit.

(And she is a great hands-on nature lesson!)