Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wisdom and Joy in Trials (from James 1:2-6)

Lord Father in heaven, I try to be joyful, even when I am tempted.
I try to remember that when my faith is tried, I'm developing patience.
But many times I get upset, thinking it is a punishment to have to go through trials and temptations.
I am not like Psyche in _Til We Have Faces_. She faced her trials with calm curiosity and industry.
I want to be like that, Lord.  Help me be like that?
Give me wisdom, Lord. You are a God who loves to be asked.  I am asking for wisdom.  I need lots and lots of it. I need action-oriented wisdom and wisdom that knows when not to act.
I believe You will give it to me.  The only doubt I have is regarding my accepting of it.  Lord, please help me to want what You want.  Help my desires to match Yours.  If You say it, I go along.  
What is better than being in the center of Your will?  
What is worse than being outside of it?  
Shout Your will to me; etch it in stone; carve it in my heart, so I cannot ignore it.
Make me strong for you, Lord.  Make me strong and patient and wise for You.
In Jesus's Name,

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