Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Expectations 2012-2013

 We had a back-to-school dinner the other night.  We've been passing around a virus for the past three weeks and needed cheering up.  We aren't starting school until September 4th (good thing because two of my three students are still feverish) but I figured why wait?  We needed some fun and we all enjoy new pencils and erasers!  

During the evening, we went over this list of expectations.  (The other stuff we did was fun, don't worry.)  It's a pretty good exposition on what worked and what didn't last year.  The stuff that worked is not addressed in this policy, while the stuff that didn't work is, kwim?

Group and Mom/Student Lesson Policy

         Be on time.  People who are tardy become my servants for the day.  Bwahahaha.  Being on-time begins with your evening routine the night before (see evening and morning routine checklists)
         Bring supplies.  People who forget supplies will be given organizing chores.
         Most work is due at the end of the day Thursday.  People who aren't finished by this time will be made to do schoolwork on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday until the work is finished.
         Please take care of restroom visits, drinks, meals, etc., before or after.  You will be given two emergency passes at the beginning of the term.  If you still have both passes by Christmas, you will be given an extra $10 to use for Christmas gifts.
          Some homeschool families do school in jammies.  This works for them, but not for us.  Come dressed and ready for the day unless you have my express permission to be in pajamas. (Express permission means you just asked me and I said yes right then.  In other words, no standing permission whatsoever.)
         Come prepared with a cheerful attitude ready to take advantage of the educational opportunities God has granted you.
         Cell phones should be turned off unless you have my express permission to have them on.  The only reason I will give permission is if we are waiting for a response from another teacher or student regarding study or extracurricular activities.  (If you need a calculator, use a calculator, not your cell phone.)

Independent Study Policy

         The following rules apply during study time (7:30a-12:00p Monday through Thursday) as well as any time you are doing schoolwork that didn't get finished during study time. 
         No checking email unless you have my express permission to check.  (See cell phone reason above.)
         No Facebook, forums or Internet research/surfing unless you have my express permission.
         Musical instrument practice may take place in bedrooms.  The living room piano may not be used.


         Schoolbook(s)--check your assignment list to see which books are required each day
         Art supplies

Outside Classes/Extracurricular Activities/Field Trips

         Set supplies in the entryway the night before the activity.  (See checklists for specific activities)
         Make your own lunch and fill/bring your own water bottle.
         Dress appropriately for the weather and the activity.  Shoes are always required.

And always remember I love you!

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kelly said...

Oh my goodness, I love this! My girls are still young but I am going to file this away for later. I am really enjoying your blog.