Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Look and Think

"I want you to look and think. I want every one to look and think. Half the misery in the world comes first from not looking, and then from not thinking. And I do not want you to be miserable.

"But shall I be miserable if I do not find out such little things as this?

"You will be miserable if you do not learn to understand little things: because then you will not be able to understand great things when you meet them. Children who are not trained to use their eyes and their common sense grow up the more miserable the cleverer they are."

--Charles Kingsley, "Field and Wild", from Madam How and Lady Why


AMAY said...

Love this!! Is the rest of the book this thought provoking?

Katie said...

Yes it is. Some of it can be hard going, but we persevere for the sake of these tidbits. ;o)