Saturday, December 31, 2011

At the Turning of the Year

A couple of weeks ago I sat down to list the year's happenings month-by-month, thinking that this year has been difficult.  No doubt it has.  2011 began with a warning that the Warrior Poet's job might be in danger, proceeded with disability and job loss, and is ending with spiritual battles I will not detail here.  But as I made my list, I noticed that the goods outweighed the bads.

Funny how the hard things always seem so much bigger than the blessings.  I tend to discount the good stuff and wallow in the bad.  I need to adjust my perspective!  We will be cleaning up this year's messes well into 2012.  I hope the Lord will bless us to flee temptation and focus on obeying and honoring Him. It is all raw material for glorifying God.

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