Friday, February 11, 2011


I hear the dryer running. Our house is quiet. Only Cornflower and I are home. The sun slants in through the wooden blinds onto the floor. The dark black-brown of the bookcase is a satisfying contrast to the warm golden brown of the wall.

Next to my laptop sit several papers covered with chemistry formulas. I should correct them so Aravis can go on to the next module. A coffee fundraising form rests near the bowl of apples. It will not be used. We are not in fundraising mode at this time.

Coffee, red pen and cell phone. I used the red pen to comment on Cornflower's written narrations. I am waiting for Aravis to call me to say she has arrived at her destination. The coffee is for waking up.

It is 3:25 pm. The late afternoon light makes me impatient. It is an in-between time of day, and I find myself waiting for evening.

Cornflower has a cold and a tummy bug. She is watching a movie, listening to it on headphones.

The phone chimes. Aravis has made it in.

Time to correct those chemistry papers.

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