Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Wrappin' It Up

The last few weeks, I've watched the kids' activities gradually vacate the calendar, until this week all we have are piano lessons and one audition. I keep mentally renaming the days of the week--

Monday- "The Day We Didn't Go To Violin"
Tuesday- "The Day We Won't Attend Orchestra Rehearsal"
Wednesday- "The Day We Don't Drive To Spanish Class"
Thursday- "The Day We Won't Drive to Biology"
Friday- "The Day We Don't Attend Drama Club"

Hee hee. I really like this week.

My grandparents are coming to visit later in the week, so that makes it extra-special-nice.

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Javamom said...

It is pretty wonderful, isn't it? We're loving having Hubby home, as well, before summer school starts up.