Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In Which I Explain the Lack of Blog Posts

I haven't been writing much lately, and part of it is that I am not a professional writer or a student who must write regularly. No one is making me write.

(I probably *should* write regularly. I could use the practice. Which brings up a neat little conundrum. When folks say they wish people who can't write would stop littering the world with twaddle, how in the world do they intend to provide for people who could perhaps achieve twaddle-free status with practice? Most people are not simply born able to produce scintillating prose or lucid poetry. Perhaps when folks say they wish people who can't write would stop littering the world with their twaddle, what they really mean is they wish people who can't write would stop having their twaddle published, or perhaps that the publishers would be a little more discerning, or something. like. that. Hmph. UPDATE: Having slept, I realize what a rant this is. Obviously, people who say that-- and I have been known to say it myself-- mean books published for impressionable young minds, not blog posts by moms. I'm too sensitive. Not that we blogger moms should acquiesce to lower standards. Not by any means. But still. So I feel better this morning. And I apologize for exposing my faithful readers to my angst and frustration. I really should sleep in between writing and posting.)

I do keep having ideas on what to write, and when I try to follow them I realize it's going to be a long trip-- so I can either pursue that idea, or pursue the kids' school day, or pursue household duties, or pursue the reading of yet another book I should have read in my teens and twenties. I really enjoy that last, by the way. In fact, I attribute the long-and-winding-idea-road to the reading of books that keep shaking my paradigms. My mental furniture must be rearranged yet again, and I must absorb (or reject) and unpack before I can explain.

So, no posts lately. That's why.

In other exciting news:

* We finished the first term of the school year and had exams last week. They went well. I'm not sure if I will be sharing any results this time (see above). I'm super excited about the next term, and pray the girls will have at least half my level of enthusiasm by the end of Thanksgiving break. All three of them are in great AO/HEO years. (All of them are great, right? But the girls are doing Years 3, 6 and 9 this year. So amazing to have Renaissance/Reformation side-by-side with the American Revolution and the ancient Greeks and Romans. For those who don't know, each girl has her own history thread. They aren't doing all three at once! But I keep all three in my head as much as I can, and it is interesting to notice ideas in one era that bore fruit in another.)

* We are currently painting the great room, which consists of kitchen, dining and living room, and two short hallways. We are using a beautiful color called Cliveden Leather. Mariel says it makes our home look Italian. I am very sore. I hope to finish painting tomorrow, but putting everything back in place will take awhile. I love, love, love the color. This is the room we spend the most time in, and I am thrilled to reclaim it for a little beauty. The kids have helped a lot with removing switchplates and window hardware and with painting, and I am counting it all as handicrafts. :D You should see all the stacks of books under our dining table and in the bedroom.

And finally, please have a happy Thanksgiving! There are many things for us to be thankful for, not the least of which is a God who exists and has shown us the way of love and excellence and purpose, so let us go forth with joy!

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Willa said...

Have a great Thanksgiving, Katie -- I've been missing your blogging but figured that you might be too busy living to blog.