Thursday, April 30, 2009

Looking 'Round

Well, I gave in. I started reading everyone's blogs again, although I am still not caught up on my Bible reading. I found lots to interest me, but the most interesting (and sad) thing about getting back to reading blogs-- aside from the fact that I broke a commitment*-- is how inferior I feel as a homeschooler after reading all the cool things everyone else is doing.

No matter that we are doing cool things too.

No matter that we are doing just what we need to do at this time.

No matter that NO ONE is doing it all.

Oh, that horrid, achievement-oriented mindset. I despise the thing. When will it go away? I sometimes think I have gotten rid of it, but it comes back when I am not looking.


Off to pray for a more humble, faithful way of thinking.

*(I haven't given up the commitment of reading the Bible in a year. I just really wanted to take a peek at what everyone was up to.)


Lady Mums-alot said...

Well, you can't mean that after reading my blog. You're SO far ahead of us! This is just a sign that summer is coming up real soon. Summer break is a good thing. :)

Dana said...

Well, you can come by our place and see how little we're getting done and feel rejuvenated in the knowledge that at least you aren't that far behind. I have an excuse (still recovering from a hip infection and surgery) but as I'm beginning to feel better, it is really beginning to bother me.

Jeanne said...

My goodness! If we got half of what you get done, Katie, I'd be deliriously ecstatic!!

Keep us the reading's worth spending time reading His word, isn't it.