Friday, June 29, 2007

Spotted Bee Balm

A palace for Thumbelina.


Javamom said...

AKA Yellow Horsemint. When our kids were small, we dubbed them "Wedding Cake" wildflowers :-)

One of our favorites. They dry well and hold that purpled color, too!

Javamom said...

forgot to type the Latin names: Monarda citridora (the purple variety) or Monarda punctada, the more white variety, with a bit of purple on it.

Mother Auma said...

Aren't they wild? I have never seen them before this year, but they are all over right now. I have another picture (on Flickr) that shows an entire meadow just full of them.

I didn't realize they were supposed to have purple on them until your comment, Javamom. They are definitely the more white variety, and don't even seem to have spots.