Monday, May 14, 2007

Rock Candy Success!

After three separate experimental efforts and a month of waiting, the crystals began to show up. The girls have been begging to eat it. I wanted to see how big they would get, and kept saying, "Not yet, not yet." Wicked mother that I am, I made them wait two more weeks, which added quite a few more monoclinic crystals to the string.

In the words of Mariel:

Today we decided that it was the time to eat the sugar crystals. We had a lot of failures, but I was still ready to try it again if it did not turn out right-- but Mom wasn't. The sugar crystals look like big bunches of sugar. We found one that looked like a perfect diamond, only Triss ate it. We had a lot of trouble doing the pictures because we could not keep the string still. Then after we finally got the pictures done I broke off a little bit and tasted it. Mmm, it was good! It tasted like pure sugar because it was pure sugar, only bigger. Next time we do this experiment, I want to do it just the same way, only colored.

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