Friday, February 10, 2017

Honesty and Grace

How did we Christians get this idea that we shouldn't share the ugly scary problems that keep us up at night? We stay home alone, terrified, pretending, instead of getting ourselves to the church with our honest broken hearts. And if we do show up and take that risk, people sit silent or minimize the situation or level accusations of sin. Because Christians aren't supposed to have these wicked complex problems, we're supposed to be spiritual giants, able to leap tall crises in a single bound. But Christ-followers are struck down just like others. And where else do I want to be when I am falling, falling, except with people who share my hope of salvation? I don't remember signing up for a club where the rule is, "Pretend it's fine when your world is crumbling." I refuse to be bound by the rules of a club I didn't know I was joining. If my reality is messy and tearful, I may show up that way. Perhaps someone will be brave enough to meet me in the mess, awkward and stumbling and unsure how to respond. It's okay. We don't have to have all the answers. "Figure it out" is terrible theology. Instead, let's be together giving voice to our astonishment, knowing that while we can't leap tall crises in a single bound, we know One who can. Forsake appearances and join me. It's much better on the honest/messy side of the fence.

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